Euan Henderson obituary

Other lives: Publisher – and later priest – who developed publishing training networks throughout Europe

Baghdad by Justin Marozzi – review

'Once Paradise … now turned to desert.' This splendid history, which takes in invasions and incest, tries to get to the unchanging essence of the Iraqi capital. By Christopher de Bellaigue

Rosemary Tonks, the lost poet

Rosemary Tonks was a feted poet, trenchant reviewer and literary socialite. And then she 'disappeared'. Following her death last month, Neil Astley traces her extraordinary story

The Idea of Israel and My Promised Land – review

The moral consequences of the triumph of Zionism: Ilan Pappé and Ari Shavit view Israel from different vantage points, but they agree the status quo between Israel and the Palestinians can't be sustained. By Avi Shlaim